An irregular campaign for players with little time, or little experience with roleplaying. An idea might be for a couple to make up one character, so when one is looking after the kids, the other can play.

Game Decisions

  1. New (post Time War) or Old series
  2. Is the Doctor in the game. If so, who wants to play him?
  3. If no Doctor how many Time Lords?
  4. Wandering around in a TARDIS? Some other travel vehicle? Or limited to particular locations?
  5. Mostly classic aliens and villains, or mostly original/unheard of?

Check the forums for the discussion on these questions

Things to do

  1. Work out characters
    • Note – there are a lot of characters made up from the TV series, so feel free to choose any companion you’ve ever seen – or any other character from the TV series.
  2. Work out time for the first session

Three Beings in a TARDIS, to say nothing of the Robot

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